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We only list hotels that fulfill our criteria essential for what we believe makes the perfect surftrip, however if you think your property would be a suitable recommendation from us then please get in touch via email at info@hoappublishing.com

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Shorebreak Photo Madness!

This is such an awesome video of Clark Little and his love of photographing the Waimea shorebreak in all its power. If you have ever seen this wave in the flesh it is truly terrifying, a crashing harmony of breaking wave meeting beach for an immediate dissipation of its energy, with Clark and his camera right in the thick of it.

Click here to view video: http://sfglobe.com/?id=1074&src=share_fb_new_1074

Waimea-shorebreak Shorebreak Photo Madness!

Our Mission

Welcome to Surftrip Guru!

Our experience as surfers as the years have passed from being students to family men has taught us that there are a handful of essential elements that contribute a great surf trip, especially for those that have a tricky time navigating time off work and partner/family commitments. We want to make sure that you chose the best possible spot to enjoy your trip.  This site is for those that know that daily car trips to surf are impractical with families and partners that don’t surf and cut down your water time, that a happy partner/wife/family means a happy holiday, and that waking up to an ocean view with your wave peeling into the distance is a perfect start to your day.

Here are our core essentials that are the criteria for any hotel to be included on Surftrip.Guru.

i) Walking distance to the surf! Time in the car is time away from kids and/or partners. If they can see you surfing out the front of the hotel you are guaranteed to be able to do at least 30% more time in the water!
ii) Family/Wife/Girlfriend friendly, with good food and accommodation. If the kids and partners are happy, then your holiday experience will be too.
iii) Good quality surf (this is obviously relative to where you are, Cornwall or Indo!). Go to the right spot in the right season.

We do not take bookings, we only make recommendations of properties that will meet our above criteria, thereafter we will send our visitors direct to a hotel’s website. This is your authentic experience so we do not use an offsite booking engine to complicate matters. You deal direct with the hotel.

All our recommended spots have been surfed by a member of our team or a consultant. We do not recommend properties lightly, as we want you to come back!

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