5 Best Beginner Surf Spots in the World

To learn how to surf you need to be out catching as many waves as possible and getting maximum board and water time.  Everyone had those early days in conditions and locations beyond their ability where they could not make the paddle out, or lost their nerve, or just ended up eating a lot of sand.  Here SurftripGuru offers a selection of our 5 best beginner surf spots where conditions are generally friendly and easy, together with our recommended waterfront places to stay!

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii – There is a reason this region is stacked full of pro surfers and is the home of surfing – its the best place in world to learn.  Warm crystal blue water, sunshine, and probably the most beginner friendly mushy and unthreatening wave on the planet (most of the time).  There are loads of waterfront hotels in the area, surf schools and surf shops, and the best time to go when its small and easy is around New Year which has an amazing firework display.  If you advance fast you can go check out an epically fun long board reef break round the corner at Tonggs beach, but only once your riding across the face of the wave, and if that’s too mellow for you then the North Shore is only an hour drive North, but that is only really for very experienced surfer so join a surf school and watch the locals.



Imsouane, Morocco – This is an insanely nice and easy wave on its day.  This little fishing harbour provides the perfect conditions for peeling waves to come round the point and slowly roll along the beach.  This wave is popular with experienced surfers simply because it is so perfect, especially when it get big.  There is a surf school locally with some very basic accommodation, so if you want luxury this is not your spot, and there is very little else going on within an hours drive so bring some good reading and just chill out to the Moroccan vibe.  Given the length of the wave you can literally ride for longer than 1 mile if you know what you are doing, and because the wave is so spread out you can normally find a small peak to yourself.  This is the ideal spot develop your skills and get maximum board time.

Place to Stay:  We don’t have a hotel to recommend, but check out this Airbnb option, its on the break…


Malibu, California, USA – Its known for being a surfers perfect wave for a reason, it peels wonderfully round a light bend in the coastline creating a near perfect wave.  Its advisable to leave it to the locals when its big as it gets competitive, but on small days it is no question one the very best surf sports in the world to start to learning.



Byron Bay, Australia – Australia loves surfing and here is where you can tap into a variety of waves to suit different levels, from gentle rollers off Watego Beach to the beach breaks of Tallows and The Wreck (in small swells).  The local hook up is Byron Bay Surf School. Best time to go is March to May for warm weather and consistent swell.



Saunton, United Kingdom – A great beginners surf spot that has a hotel perfectly perched above the beach so your partner can enjoy watching you eat sand and then heroically catch your first wave, if your lucky not in that order!  The beach is very safe when the surf is not too big, and provides long mushy rides from as far out as you can be bothered to paddle.  Its a popular longboarders wave so you can keep an eye out for tips from them and there is a local surf school and rental shop on the beach making it all super convenient.  If they swell dies there is a great golf course next door, one of the best in the UK, and Croyde has a fun pub style nightlife.

Place to Stay: SAUNTON SANDS


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