Northern Europe Point Breaks

If you are looking for a point breaks in Europe then you will probably already know that from the North Coast of Cornwall all the way down to SW Coast of France there are limited options. As a surfer who tires of the endless work out when going against a heavy beach break, only to be presented with an unrewarding short ride before your back in the white water fight zone, I find point breaks offer a significantly more enjoyable surfing experience. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy the thrill of an occasional heavy beach break, but that more generally points suit my style far better.

Sadly living in the UK that leaves Porthleven, a rocky slab that is seldom epic, Ireland, and a very nice right point in SW France called Lafitenia.

The Lafitenia point break oozes off the headland into a fun right hander that is fairly forgiving and offers up some long rides. The beach is stunning and its a great spot for a more romantic trip, as local nightlife is limited.

Our top recommendation for the area is Maison Tamarin – a family run boutique hotel that will make you feel at home offers a beach side luxury that will keep your partner happy.

image002 Northern Europe Point Breaks

Check it out and go get wobbly knees on a 300 m ride without having to travel off the European continent. You may not even need a wetsuit in summer!


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