Q&A with Escape 3 Points, Ghana

Our first addition from Ghana, Akwasi from Escape 3 Points gave us the low down on this surf spot…

How long have you been operating in the area?

Business opened in 2009

Are many of your guests surfers?

We have a number of surfers who come from within Ghana, Europe and North America.  I am the owner and builder of the lodge and I also surf.  The first year of construction I had a friend who came and helped me and our goal was to work and surf.  And we achieved both and now the lodge is here.

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What do you do to accommodate the special requirements of surfers, like board storage, local shops for surf gear, travel to local spots?

We have a couple of boards for rent but most people bring their own gear.  Boards are quite safe here so many times people just keep them in front of their chalets.  We don’t have any surf gear for sale, it’s always advisable to bring wax, an extra leash and some sun cure. Ahanta Waves in Busua has some gear for sale or Mr Brights in Kokrobite.

What are the best months of the year to visit for surfing?

We have surf all year round. Bigger waves in rainy season, June, July, August but the ocean temperature is cooler so a short spring suit is advisable then.  Also when the waves are bigger it can be more messy.  During December we typically get harmattan with offshore winds but small swell; however we got a sweet swell that came in last Christmas.

What can the rest of the family or a partner do while a guest is surfing?

We are a remote place but their is a forest reserve tour nearby, a mangrove canoe trip and the lighthouse can be climbed, which is just a 30 minute walk away.  We have a beautiful beach for swimming and a natural rock pool that you can snorkel in and see small fish and sea life during low tide.  Likewise it is a nice place to take children for swimming during low tide as there are no waves and it is sandy in the center.

E3P_Palm_Tree_on_Beach-300x168 Q&A with Escape 3 Points, Ghana

How does your hotel/resort fit in with and contribute to the surfing community and local community?

We don’t have a huge surfing community here in Ghana but of course we are friends with the local surf shop owners and they also bring surf camps out here.  People like Brett, from Mr Brights, and Peter, from Ahanta Waves, are giving lessons sometimes here or bringing surfers here.

Anything else?

We have a fairly empty lineup and fairly consistent waves. Between the different beach breaks in front, the left point by the coconut rock in front of the lodge, that is sometimes also working, the right or also the left point we typically always have some sort of wave.  Also only a 7 minute drive away there is another right point and different beach break so we have options and we can help organize transport. Many times surfers meet here and we rarely ever have more than 6-7 people in the water.  The atmosphere at the lodge is very friendly so everyone meets everyone and leaves as new friends.


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