Q&A with Rancho Santana, Nicaragua

We got in touch with the team at Rancho Santana to find out a bit more about the surf at this great resort in Nicaragua…

How long have you been operating in the area?

Since 1997

Are many of your guests surfers?

Yes, we get a large number of surfers as well as their families.

RS_Resort-300x199 Q&A with Rancho Santana, Nicaragua

What do you do to accommodate the special requirements of surfers, like board storage, local shops for surf gear, travel to local spots?

We have a full Surf Center, located at The Beach & Surf Club at Playa Los Perros. There we offer lessons, guiding, boat trips, etc., as well as board rentals and a full retail store for all your surf gear needs.

What are the best months of the year to visit for surfing?

The season in Nicaragua is March/April – October.

What can the rest of the family or a partner do while a guest is surfing?

We offer a spa, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, etc. (To find out more check out the amenities page)

How does your hotel/resort fit in with and contribute to the surfing community and local community?

We sponsor a local surf team and regularly hold events that benefit the local communities (baseball clinics, animal spay and neuter clinics, etc.)

RS_Casa_Guardabarranco-300x200 Q&A with Rancho Santana, Nicaragua


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