Q&A with Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort, Azores

We recently added the Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort to Surftrip and so we caught up with Joana to find out a bit more about this amazing new resort in the Azores!

How long have you been operating in the area?

Since 1st June 2015

Are many of your guests surfers?

No, I would say that around 15% of our guests are surfers.

SBEBR_Sea_view_and_hammock-200x300 Q&A with Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort, Azores

What do you do to accommodate the special requirements of surfers, like board storage, local shops for surf gear, travel to local spots?

We provide board storage and we have a sports center onsite with a surf school where you can also rent equipment.

What are the best months of the year to visit for surfing?

Well you can surf all year around but on this coast (North) you will have better conditions from April until October.

SBEBR_Room_and_Terrace2-300x200 Q&A with Santa Barbara Eco-Beach Resort, Azores

What can the rest of the family or a partner do while a guest is surfing?

Onsite we have massages, yoga and cooking classes; outside of the Resort there are many activities that we can arrange for our guests, such as: scuba diving, whale watching, canyoning, fishing, as well as walking and bike tours.

How does your hotel/resort fit in with and contribute to the surfing community and local community?

Our surf school is open to the local community as well as the guests.


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