This really is the best surf hotel in Morocco, and was in part designed by one of the founders of RIP Curl who can occasionally be seen there and out the front on a longboard.  It caters to two groups, those with a decent budget looking to be in the middle of a handful of world class point breaks, and those who are just starting out at surfing, or who have kids just starting to get into the sport.  Before digging in too much on the surf, here are the hotel main features: It is low density and in a Moroccan style.  The rooms are HUGE, really more like small apartments, and are very clean and well decorated.  The spa is very luxurious and will make even the most demanding of partners feel pampered and relaxed.  There are three restaurants, two of which are more formal and in the main hotel building, the third is a beach bar style by the beach – which is pretty cool and feels sort of European chic.

There are two pools, which for small children needed to be better heated, but they serve their purpose.  Frankly who needs the pools when you are next to a beach.  A couple of other fun features are a adults chill out zone with hammocks, a ping pong table, daytime child care, an open air cinema every night for kids movies, and fire pit every night for a drink after dinner by starlight.  There is also a waterpark a 10 minute walk from the hotel inland which will keep kids busy for an afternoon and is never busy on weekdays.

Immediately surrounding the hotel there are no dining options, but Taghazout is 10 minutes away, and the new Taghazout resort is just beyond with golf and other luxury options – but is not a surfer vibe there at all.

Service in the hotel was quite haphazard, but in a charming Moroccan way.  Given the guests at the hotel vary from German to French to English, Americans and Italians, the staff have their work cut out.

The food was good and it is safe to eat salads here as the hotel grows its own vegetables from an inland garden, which is organically grown.

For surfing the hotel sits on a beach that is great for beginners – and there is a surf school that does lessons for kids and adults where you can rent all the gear.  For those wishing to venture out there are daily surf tours, however these are very expensive, don’t leave until late morning irrespective of tides or conditions, cater to the lowest standard so may not go to best spots, and often go to crowded spots – you are better off getting your own transport unless you want to be in a group.  The surf school for kids is excellent.

For more experienced surfers with a car or bike to get around you will find yourself in the middel of an incredible rich surf spot destination.  To the South within 5 minutes you have Anchor Point, Killers, and Mysteries; and to the North you have Boilers, Tamri and Draculas, and 40 minutes further on Immesoune.  These are all incredible places to surf when working.



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The hotel sits in front of a beginners beach break, but then it perfectly between the regions best waves of Anchor Point, Mysteries, and Killer Point all 2 minutes drive to the south, and Boilers and Tamri a short drive to the North.  You will need a car to get to these sports, or the hotel may do trips to them.


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