Since 2007 PNG Surfaris has operated Papua New Guinea’s only surf charter vessel dedicated to exploring the country’s outer islands and reefs. The PNG Explorer is a live-aboard ship designed for surfing, fishing, diving, and general tourism in PNG.

Originally built to survey and withstand the southern seas, this 23m steel ship has been refitted as a comfortable and spacious live-aboard for up to 10 guests. It is powered by a 504 horsepower engine and equipped with 2 generators, a dive compressor, and 2 fast boats.

Inside the main super structure are 6 ample cabins set up as 4 twin berths and 2 single doubles. Keeping cool in the equatorial climate is managed thorough a combined ventilation and a/c system. The living area hosts a large flat screen TV/DVD, sound system, a small library and sofas. A modern galley is fitted with commercial-grade appliances capable of pumping out 3 fantastic meals a day plus snacks.

On the lower back deck are 2 hot water showers and 3 toilets. The lower ‘surf’ deck is purpose-built with the tropical surfer in mind, with padded alloy racks for up to 30 boards. Accessing the mighty Explorer from the water is made easy by an aluminium dive ladder attached to a large duckboard at water level. Though for fast and safe transfers to the breaks there are 2 tenders, each kitted out with seating, awnings, board racks, access ladders and fishing rod holders.

Finally, the expansive and shady upper deck is hands down the perfect spot for lounging on day beds while admiring PNG’s stunning scenery. It’s also the main dining area onboard, featuring a well-stocked, icy cold beer fridge, a large barbeque and an outdoor sound system.

Run by Andrew and Jude Rigby, they not only provide exceptional service and a high safety standard but also promote sustainable tourism benefiting local communities and the environment.

A standard PNG Explorer charter is 10 nights and departs from the ship’s home port, Kavieng Harbour.

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This is your chance to surf newly discovered waves with zero crowds in one of the world’s last frontiers!

From October to April the New Ireland Province receives Northern Hemisphere swells from the northwest to northeast. During these months the wind is predominantly from the N/NW and the surf ranges from 3-4ft to 5-6ft in the bigger swells.

Generally charters start just out of Kavieng and head toward the westward islands of New Hanover (Lavongai). However, depending on the swell and wind, a trip may head eastwards towards Tabar. Charters can also include the more remote St Matthias (Mussau) or the Admiralty Islands (Manus) to the far northwest.


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