Surfboard Travel Fees Resource Guide 2016

Because of today’s modern technology, your ideal destination is not that far away. In a matter of hours you can actually be on the other side of the world chasing that perfect pipe that runs for miles. Whether you are looking for a great surf destination for beginners, or you are looking for an exotic place where the scuba is as good as the surf, the only thing between you and a dream ‘surfcation’ is a quick flight.

Unfortunately for surfers, airlines have been asking travelers who want to bring their boards with them to break the bank for years. That’s why our friends at SwellSpy have put together a comprehensive list of surfer friendly airlines that can act as a quick guide for traveling surfers. While some airlines are friendly to traveling barrel chasers, some are downright kooks. We have broken the airline companies into three groups: The surfer friendly ones which offer surfboard baggage as free or checked baggage, the board or beer flights which cost $100 or less, and the kook airlines who think they can charge $150 and up! As always, the best way to avoid getting burned by airlines is to make sure you know the fine print of the company that you are flying with.

Happy surfing and see you in the water!


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